"Wow! Holy beautiful goddess! This disc is amazing! Thank you so much!! For sharing yourself and blessing the planet with your grace and eloquent, inspiring, rocking, disco, intergalactic planetary jams!

---Sunflower Mars, Boulder, CO, review of 'When in Om'






Bethy, you are Amazing... yes, you always make my head swirl!  I have been around the block a few times, I have looked at life from many angles and from way outside the box... Whenever I hear you perform I hear new perspectives I have never considered... You darlin' are one of my favorite dwellers of Planet Earth! --Byron Fears, Boulder, CO, response to seeing the video 'Lipstick Love Be In'





Muzoetry is Conscious Musical Poetry.  It's a poetic synergy of enlightening rap, enlivening songs and invoking chants, all synced with a variety of bodacious beats, spoken and sung, in utter DEVOTION, to The Divine One that WE are.


I am a Conscious Hip Hop Musician and a Poetic Priestess of Peace.  I live in Unity Consciousness and have devoted my life to being a peaceful warrior for Love, Truth, Beauty, Goodness and Freedom for All.  Through the sacred creation and celebration of the harmonics of poetry, music and dance, we can COSMICALLY CONNECT with each other and LINK our awareness and consciousness for the purpose of creating PEACE within, PEACE together and PEACE on our planet.

Both of my albums, 'Muzoetry: Conscious Musical Poetry," and 'When in Om' are extremely danceable discs with stellar poetry and bodacious beats.  The words will electrify your inner-song and the melodies will have you singing along!

When I play live, I overlay my voice with ORIGINAL musical compositions that incorporate a synergy of vocals, beats and various instruments such as the tablas, digeridoo, African drums, hip-hop beats, nature sounds, and many more!

I have performed at Envision Festival, Arise Festival, Raw Living Expo, Sister Winds Festival, The International New Age Trade Show, The Matriarch Gathering, Art Spirit Now, The Mercury Cafe, The Tonic Herban Lounge, Ling Elixirs, Shine Restaurant & Gathering Place, Naropa University, The Psychedelic Symposium at Naropa University and Brigitte Mars' Sacred Salons. 

You can also check me out on  REVERBNATIONJANGO RADIO and SOUNDCLOUD




Full Moon Tribal Fest on Sept. 16th at Double Rainbow Ranch in Boulder CO!  Check it out here:



UnifyFest 2016! (Sept 22-Sept 25th)

I am so honored to be performing at this EPIC event!  http://unifyfest.com



 For BOOKING AND CD SALES INFORMATION regarding BethyLoveLight please send an email to bethylovelight@gmail.com











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